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Welcome to my website. I’m a London-based professional artist and designer creating paintings, sculptures, writing, curating, art installations, jewellery, up-cycling and restoration of furniture; I'm also an avid collector of art and antiquities.


My portfolio of over 500 works, consists of a variety of contemporary art, in almost every style: abstract, surrealism, cubism, portrait, landscape, sculptures, art installations, furniture, books and jewellery.  You can view some of my portfolio on the varies pages of this website, including a sample of exhibitions.  More can be seen on my social media links.


I aim to show in my work the value and the privilege to be alive and make it available for everybody.  I believe everything created has its own purpose, like the earth we live in – there is no other place where humans can share the same breath with animals and plants or drink the same water.


The diversification of my art enables me to reach out to people’s minds and engage them in better understanding about the world we live in.  Much of my work draws on the environmental transformations that are happening in the world and the effect that these changes have on mankind and nature.

I AM - 18 metres long - oil on canvas

I AM is a series of 12 oil on canvas paintings, each measuring 150 x 210 cm which makes a total size of 18 metres long x 210 cm high. It was exhibited at the London 2012 Olympics Afican Village in Kensington Gardens. 

I AM is the description of What Is, according to the limitations of our humanity, as creatures coming from the emanation of the four natural elements in creation - water, fire, earth and air. The visible from the invisibility. Animated by sound, vibration, knowledge and interpretation in all realms of existence for an unknown task balanced between two forces - positive and negative - with the aim to establish harmony.

A written book in the sky.

A finished work.

A moment in eternity.

The darkness. 

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The transfer of knowledge 270 x 170 cm.J

The Transfer of Knowledge - Oil on Canvas - 270 x 170 cm

Through the process of human civilisation and transformation from villages, cities and countries, the desire of humans to have a better and easier life from the basic tools to survive from the pre-historic times, to the modern age where we are now facing a huge challenge to control what we have been creating, than to be controlled by our technology, where the title of the painting comes from – The Transfer of Knowledge.  

When creating a machine, we are providing it with all its information and designing how it should look and when the product is finished and it functions perfectly we are believing in our product and relying on it to better our life. But unfortunately the process does not stop there; humanity today is heavily dependent on its technology.  The databases in hospitals and banks today contain millions of private information that are not found in our minds or in writing.  Our daily communication device, the mobile phone, contains multiple phone numbers of our family, friends and spouse, and sometimes personal numbers our minds cannot remember.  Some of us are using Satellite Navigation from the house to the local shops to get directions, whilst geese are travelling thousands of miles and return with no map.  All the drones, the new weaponry designed and sent alone to take away life.  Most of the information applied in our daily life are received from man-made machines, like the collapsing of the world market, where individuals lost billions and were condemned by relying on information from a computer.  Those devices are choosing who is qualified for a job, after certain information has been put in place, which does not usually correspond with the person sitting at the interview table. Half of the working force are sitting at home getting fatter and relying on benefits while the computers, robots, cashier machines are doing the job.  Those machines do the shopping for us; walk for us (lifts, escalators); do our house work (washing plates, washing clothes, bread making…); plan our travel and much more.  

Humans are so heavily dependent on their technology today that it’s difficult to notice how much we have lost in the capacity to keep information in our minds or to move from places to places with our own sense of direction.  Just as natural catastrophes have caused cities to stay in darkness for days or even our atmosphere where our satellites are stationed causing debris, there is not 100% trust in the longevity of such dependence in our technology. 

We should progress with our technology but at the same time remember how to do things manually to safeguard the future.

Children today are learning and communicating better and longer from tools, computers, TVs, rather than from their parents.  

We should remain human in full control of our mind, physical and intellectual activity to safeguard and pass-on knowledge to further generations.  

Humanity is yet to find how much they have lost from our nature, as the regret always comes afterwards.  

By observing the first part of the painting, we feel the connection with our universe where people used to drink from rivers, bathe in them, have their own farms and land to grow their crops, pick fruit from trees and have them in each due season.  

They all used to feel the rain and look up to the sky in the night time and our robust, well-shaped body was well-maintained and balanced.  This has been passed on through generations for thousands of years.

The second part of the painting is made of the introduction of human technology and it’s progression and the heavy dependence of all humans on it, causing the world we are living in today with the increase of sickness and disease and dependence in institutions, corporations, organisations and governments - who are the ones making the rules of what to eat, which job to have, where to shop, which road to walk on, which house to live in, what kind of water to drink.

By taking on our free will, the entire human race has been paying a heavy price to live on the earth, as everything has been taken away from them. 

The Power of the Iris - Oil on Canvas - 65 x 152cm

Our body is made to function via the five recipient senses. All of them are connected, but still have individual roles in our body. They are all controlled by the central nervous system from our brain. The eyes, which visually connect our body to the world, have also the most important role in the wellbeing and life of every human on the planet.  

Most of our senses are working in different levels, depending on information received.  Humans are the most wonderful beings ever created, if an individual lived for a million years, he would not be able to discover his full ability or capacity. Despite the discovery made in science and technology our lives still reflect the lower state of animality.

We do not know how we have been made; therefore do not know how we function, nor how our nature functions. Only by correcting the mistakes from our actions and activities we are making a step by transforming ignorantly the landscape of our planet.  

Science is playing a big part by always trying to understand things already established.  The human brain is made of an unlimited storage capacity – it is a receptor, captivating and retaining every information through the five senses.  It’s most powerful source of information is the eyes. Everything studied in university or college can be forgotten, but an eye witness of an accident or a murder, sticks in the mind forever and can be remembered with the exact description as long as one lives.

Just like our body is made from the accumulation of food we’re eating daily; our mind is fed by everything we see, we hear, we taste, we touch, we smell - making no IQ test capable of determining human intelligence.  

We are one with our entire universe, our eyes help us to see the universe in which we belong, and our bodies are made up of every single particle of the universe - without the universe we cannot exist and for our body to survive we need the water; the soil which gives us food; and the air to breath.

Just like the hearing sense is made from the outer hearing and inner hearing - e.g. we hear our voice from the inner hearing and when recorded, we hear it from the outer hearing and it sounds strange to us - there are also different levels for the sight. The lowest level of seeing is the jealous eye, it’s full with every iniquities and unfulfilled desires. Some people see and describe things according to the information stored in their mind e.g. calling someone a Caucasian or white; those are often categorised as blind. The next level of sight permits us to describe things according to their actual state. The level next to that one, permits people to describe things according to their expectation, usually called faith or a finished plan for architects. After that level comes another one, usually called the third eye for the initiated state of enlightenment (guru, frank mason, high priest, prophet, Buddhism) – it gives people the ability to see ahead of time and often makes them become leaders. The highest dimension in the human level of sight is called revelation. A future action or event is revealed when the mind cannot comprehend it through sight, through faith or through vision; only when it’s passed we can realise it. 

Everything humans has or will ever be able to achieve on the earth is trapped in time.  The knowledge of God is starting when our one is finishing.  The centre of existence is not our body it’s not our senses, but is knowledge.  Knowledge is the main ingredient of everything seen, the visible comes from the invisible. In the higher level of wisdom, the knowledge is a finished and lived plan. That kind of wisdom is not applicable in human level, therefore it makes humans unable to comprehend the deeper mystery before creation e.g. the life we are living right now with all the discovery in science, technology through civilisation of the human race including our perception of the future; have been lived already before coming to plan. There is a knowledge that plans things from the end to the beginning and has provided all the raw materials to make life be sustainable in our environment - time is the accomplisher of that kind of knowledge, inaccessible to mankind, as human plans always have a starting point from beginning to expected end; through that knowledge, we are able to accomplish all our desires, as the knowledge had been sprayed throughout the universe, our senses and in every created thing.  

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